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What Users Are Saying

Plyo XTr

"I've been following the diet plans, following the exercise regimes - and I'm using the belt and it's making a big difference."

Plyo XTr

"I walk around my apartment complex in my bathing suit! I want people to see what I have accomplished, I feel so good and so confident that I can do that!"

Plyo XTr

"You just put the belt on, turn it on, you could be watching tv, you could be at home playing with your kids, it's really easy!"

Plyo XTr

"It's amazing. It really is. You wanna work out, you wanna eat right. I feel amazing!"

You also get

Strike training DVD

30 Day Trial Money Back Guarantee

Test the Contour Abs today for 30 days and if you are unsatisfied or do not see amazing results return it and receive your money back. Strengthen your core today risk free and let us show you your incredible results.

Fitness guide

Contour M2 Controller

Use to track your progress and results along the way. IMPORTANT! Take your before photo and measurements and weight on day one and log it here!

Nutritional guide

Nutritional guide

Find out what to eat and what to stay away from. When you get the Contour Belt we will only want you to start looking your best but eating your right. Every new member receives information on the best meals to maximize your results.

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